Art Website Audit / Review

Do you already have a website for your art, craft or photography business? Is it performing as well as you want it to or are things too quiet? Did you have the site designed professionally or did you design it yourself trying to save money but are worried that you might have cut corners and not quiet got it right?

With my art website audit / review service I will spend an hour reviewing your website then produce a written report for you detailing what I have found so that you can go ahead and fix any problems identified yourself or look at how we might be able to address them together.

Website Audit / Review

  • check that your site menu adheres to standard conventions
  • check site navigation for ease of use
  • check Google presence
  • check for broken links
  • check site load speeds
  • check for links to all your products and services
  • check for social media links
  • check branding font and colour consistency
  • check site is mobile friendly


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