Web Design

Well we say 'web design' but there is a lot more to our service really. We like to think of it more as a web presence, your on-line store front, a database of customers and potential customers and growing that database and selling your products to it in national as well as international markets. It is a whole approach that is designed to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

website design and internet marketing for Charlotte Whitmore
A website developed for Charlotte Whitmore Contemporary Jeweller

There are many web design companies out there, some good some bad. Yes we will help you to design a new website but that is just one small part of a much bigger picture that we want you to see and if you are an artist or maker with a good product that is being undersold because like most this is out of your comfort zone and just a distraction from what you really enjoy doing then why not talk to us and if we think there is something we can do together take our no risk option where you pay nothing for our services but simply pay a small commission (way below gallery commission!) on all sales we bring to you through your on-line shop.