Maintenance Releases

We strongly recommend that customers visit this page regularly to download latest releases available to fix known issues and to add late feature additions to our Book-It membership management and event booking software. These releases are FREE OF CHARGE to customers with support agreements, however, a small administration fee will be introduced for other customers shortly. You must have a full version of the product installed before you can install a maintenance release and it must be the same version number (eg 4.0b1 can be applied to 4.0a, 4.0a1, 4.0a2 etc but not to 3.0).


Maintenance releases apply to all Book-It editions unless stated otherwise. Check your 'Help', 'About' screen to see which version you currently have installed. You do not have to install ALL maintenance releases issued, installing the latest available will be sufficient, however, we do recommend you keep up to date to reduce the risk of encountering problems.


Select the relevant link below to download the latest maintenance release for your Book-It version and to access a full maintenance release history for that version.

Current Book-It 4.0


Book-It 4.0f3 maintenance release (4.2Mb) Date 13th July 2012

Previous Book-It Versions


Book-It 3.0j6 maintenance release (2.15Mb) Date 1st Feb 2007


Book-It 2.5g6 maintenance release (632Kb) Date 5th May 2001