Software Development

Book-It contact / membership and event booking software can be customised to individual customer needs. Many customers reviewing our software find that it covers most of their requirements but there is maybe just another report that they require, or they need to hold an extra information field on a particular contact type or maybe require another batch letter for example. All of these examples and more can often be added to the software for customers, usually within a few weeks of a request. Please contact us with further details if you require further enhancements to the system before it will meet your own requirements and we will do our best to provide you with an affordable quote for the additional developments with a realistic timescale estimate.


We also have an on-going development plan to add further features to Book-It in the future. We continually listen to our customers' ideas for new features that they would like to see appearing in future Book-It versions and regularly poll our customers with developments ideas before major new developments take place to ensure that new versions always contain the most popular developments.