Installation and Training

We provide on-site installation and training for Book-It customers. Although Book-It can be very easy to install for small installations, many clients requiring multi-user systems and particularly high end systems (perhaps including Book-It On-Line module) will often prefer us to visit to install the system. These same customers also like us to provide face to face training for them. Whilst we provide a very good interactive on-line tour / tutorial for the system, comprehensive context sensitive help and printed documentation there is nothing as good as face to face training to get you up and running quickly.


By installing the system for you we can ensure that


  • Book-It is installed in a suitable location on your server with adequate file permissions
  • Book-It is compatible with your existing equipment and configured appropriately to work with your version of Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Where existing hardware or software requires upgrading, in order to work better with Book-It, this is quickly identified for you
  • Where appropriate, Book-It Office is configured properly to synchronise with the Book-It On-Line module and is correctly integrated with your website
  • Where data conversion has been done to bring data from your previous system into Book-It we can ensure that it is installed correctly and help you to compare your existing data with converted Book-It data to instil confidence that everything has been converted correctly and highlight any issues found in the data during the conversion process
  • Book-It is included in your regular backup plans

Installation for most purchases can usually be done within a couple of hours, however, if you require installation on a very large number of PCs we ask that you provide us with some technical assistance during our visit so that you can watch us install the system on the fileserver and first couple of PCs and then replicate that installation on other PCs whilst we are on-site to deal with any complications that may arise.


Immediately after installation, if there is any data conversion involved we will either install our preconverted data if you have opted for the DIY data conversion or we will convert your live data there and then using a prepared program that we will have written specifically for this purpose. Following data conversion we will then help to produce a number of reports from the Book-It system that you can then compare against your previous system in order to prove that the data conversion has processed everything correctly.


Following installation and data conversion we will provide training which is aimed to take you through the entire Book-It system. It is informal and you are free to ask us to concentrate on areas that are key to your requirements and skip over areas that are of less interest. There is a lot of ground to cover, however, therefore we should ensure that sessions are started punctually, lunch is kept to a minimum and that interruptions from telephone calls, for example, are avoided if at all possible. If you have a quiet room away from the main work area then that would be ideal for the training session.


We recommend a 2 days on-site visit for most companies. This allows for 2 to 3 hours to be spent on installation and data conversion on the first day and then between a day and a half or day and three quarters training in order that all areas of Book-It can be covered in sufficient depth whilst running at a comfortable pace. From time to time we are asked to condense the training into a single day for small companies with limited budgets. Although we will do this if absolutely necessary we should stress that it is not recommended as it creates a tremendous amount of pressure to cover ground very quickly. Often this means that information will not be fully absorbed, since time for more detailed explanations and exercises is limited. Additionally it means that there will not physically be enough time to cover all areas of Book-It that might be required and compromises will need to be made, which will cause some frustration both on the day and in the weeks following training.


For a sample training schedule detailing the areas we cover and typical time spent on each area please click here. Please note that whilst this is a typical schedule, we realise that no two customers are the same and will tailor each training course to meet each customer's specific needs. 2 days installation and training is currently charged at £1090+VAT plus travel and accommodation expenses as appropriate.