Book-It is available in 4 editions in order to cater for any size of business or organisation. Editions are targeted at different operational requirements, support requirements and budget constraints. Whilst most editions share the same core features additional more advanced features may be available in some editions and not others.


A general description of each edition can be found below or click here for a more detailed edition feature list.


See our pricing page for details of Book-It edition pricing.

Book-It Shareware Edition


Targeted at voluntary groups / hobby groups with less than 1000 contacts / members, a small number of events each year and requiring minimal functionality and minimum support


Book-It Lite Edition


Entry level business edition aimed at small to medium sized business with small number of users and less than 5,000 live contacts / members and less than 50 events per year.


Book-It Professional Edition


Maximum feature set edition for organisations with less than 10,000 live contacts / members and less than 500 events per year.


Book-It Enterprise Edition


Maximum feature set edition for organisations with more than 10,000 live contacts / members and an unlimited number of events.

Book-It On-Line Module


Additional optional module for use with the Professional and Enterprise Editions to introduce on-line booking and other web based services

See our editions feature list for a clear comparison of editions and our pricing page for details of Book-It edition pricing.

Editions Compared

Each edition contains standard core features such as major databases, communications and reporting options. Edition selection is based on: number of users; number of members/contacts; number of events and key features. To help make selection easy, use the following table to decide which edition is best to suited to your organisation's needs. Why not Take a Tour to learn all about the Book-It features and benefits? Or if you need any help making your final selection contact us for assistance.

Book-It 5 Features Shareware Edition Lite Edition Pro Edition Enterprise Edition
Price (1st user)  £110  £550 £1950  £4150
Maximum no of users  1  3  10 25
Max no of live /contacts / members  1000 5000 10000 Unlimited
Prospect automated follow-ups  x3  x3  x6  x6
Max no of future events  15 50 500 unlimited
Supplier payment management x x x x
Resource / facility management x x x x
Merchandise Features x x x x
Mail-merge letters x xWord xWord xWord
Emailing x xHTML xHTML xHTML
Email attachments     x x
SMS texts     x x
Newsletter     x x
Filtering for targeted communication and reporting x x x x
Label and envelope printing x x x x
Batch functions for bulk communications x x x x
Direct debit / standing order features   x x x
Credit note management x x x x
Contact payment management x x x x
Additional management reporting     x x
Data export to wide range of formats   x x x
Joint / group membership features x x x x
Correspondence history x x x x
Record sorting x x x x
To do / follow up flagging   x x x
Membership card printing x x x x
Event badge generation     x x
Address / mapping link function     x x
Additional user defined fields x x x x
Support available Email only x x x

(Note - √ indicates feature present, √ indicates feature new to version 4.0, /HTML indicates HTML as well as plain text email capabilities, Word indicates that Microsoft Word can be used as the default letter editor)