Why Do You Need It?

You might not yet fully understand why you need everything already mentioned. It can get sound really technical. One mention of SEO and most people start to look blank right away. You do not do what you currently do because you wanted a technical career, you do what you do because you like doing that and it is what you want to do but in this fast moving world full of technical innovation you simply need to ask yourself three questions

  • are you already doing this?
  • are your competitors doing this?
  • can you afford to be left behind?

You probably have dozens of reasons why you are not already doing this. We often know what we need to do but we are also good at finding excuses not to do things or to put them off.  "Yes I know about it and will get a book or do a course sometime in the future when I am not so busy to find out more so I can 'do it myself'!", "Yes I know about it but it will cost far too much so I need to sell a lot more before I can think about paying for something like that.", "Yes I know about it but it all seems far too complicated for me to get my head around it", "Yes I know about it but I enjoy what I do and it is just about paying the bills so I am going to stay in my comfort zone for now thank you very much."


Do any or all of those ring true with you? Maybe you have already started doing some of them but then done half a job because you simply do not have time to continue and do your main job which at the end of the day is what you want to be doing. I think they probably do or have at some point rung true with most of us at some time or other. I think we have all also experienced the feeling of 'that wasn't so difficult afterall - I wish I had done it years ago!'. Well here is your chance to make that leap without any regrets.