Why Artists and Makers?

So why artists and makers you are probably wondering? Well the answer is quite simple really, it is all down to relevant experience. Since setting up Instinctive Systems in 1991 I have developed experience of many businesses in many sectors, some large, some just individuals and many just in between. My partner is Lucy Gell, a printmaker and illustrator since 2001.

From first meeting Lucy I very quickly recognised her talent as I followed her around from show to show over the last few years with her work but also soon realised that despite a handful of very good shows throughout the year, Lucy was very much being undersold. Good shows could be difficult to get into sometimes, shows were expensive and Lucy had to sell a lot of product just to break even. Shows were very seasonal causing a real famine and feast throughout the year. Lucy had a website and had a very simple shop and even an Etsy presence but these were not really working for her with the odd on-line sale once in a blue moon because she was not putting the amount of effort into them that was really required to make them work, she lacked some of the inside knowledge needed to make them work, she was far too busy trying to get new work together in between shows and she lacked the confidence that an on-line presence can really make a difference. Does any of this sound familiar?

website design and internet marketing example

I stepped in to help Lucy. I got to know the business as I followed her from show to show. I got to know her work, her customers, her outlets. I saw galleries quite happy to hold on to her stock for months on end then take a commission of 50% if and when they sold it. I could see that a direct targeted on-line approach was well overdue and so rebuilt Lucy's website, optimised it for search engines like Google, started building a mailing list and so on. Lucy's on-line presence is designed to compliment her presence at shows and galleries and not replace it but going from show to show with Lucy made it very clear that Lucy was not alone and that many artists and makers are in a very similar position to Lucy which inspired the idea to steer Instinctive Systems in a slightly different direction but building on the many many years of IT experience that came before.