Who Is Eligible

website design and internet marketing example for celeathergoods
A website produced for Catherine Edwards of CE-Leathergoods

So who is eligible? Well I am offering my services to do all of this for NO UPFRONT FEE in return for a commission on sales generated. Whilst I am happy to charge for my services I am not going to provide my services for free unless

  • I think you have a great product that just needs marketing online better
  • you have an established record of direct sales
  • you already have good track record in branding, presentation, pricing
  • you have lots of good product photos I can use
  • you have at least 50 products that I can market, ideally more
  • you intend to continue with your business for at least the next 3 years

If I am prepared to take a risk for you you need to give me some confidence in your product, your ability to produce and show some track record of sales and interest through other channels.