What Is Expected Of You

So you just give us me the go ahead, I do everything for you and orders just start rolling in? No no no no no! That isn't how it works. What I am offering is a collaboration with you with us working together both doing what we do best.

website design and internet marketing for Marie Therese King
Website designed for Marie Therese King

I won't ask you to get to involved in the technical side. My job is to keep that side as simple for you as possible so that you can appreciate what is happening but not have to get bogged down in the technicalities of how and why it happens. That is what I do best so I will just get on with it but still keep you in the picture. In order to do that, however, I will need lots of things from you initially and then on an ongoing basis. I will need you to write biographies about yourself, inspiring product descriptions, I will need multiple good quality photos of your products, you will need to identify competitors that you feel do similar things to you but who you think might be a little more successful, you will need to identify websites that you like and tell me why, We will need to work together to compile lists of keywords that people would likely search for you and your products on and we will need to collaborate on a regular basis to analyse how things are working and what can be improved. There will be a lot of work upfront to get things off the ground but then things will get much easier.