So What Will It Cost?

So the burning question at this point is what will it cost? Hopefully to get to this point you have a real appreciation of what is involved. This is not just about a website that can be signed off and walked away from. That would be really short sighted as there is no such thing as a completed website and whilst being an important part of an on-line presence a website is not everything, a lot more is required besides. I could charge a one off fee to get you up and running. I do not like this idea, however, as the cost to cover my time will seem prohibitive to most artists and makers with limited on-line experience already and constantly in a cycle of paying out vast amounts for future shows and stock to send to galleries on a sale or return basis. Even if you can afford it it will encourage you to have me build something then walk away from it. I think that is a bad idea as I believe that your web presence needs to be carefully crafted to work properly for you and I believe that that is an ongoing process.


20% Commission*


It therefore occurred to me that if most artists and makers are familiar with working with 9am - 5pm geographic galleries who typically charge commissions of 40% + VAT (lets just call it 50% shall we?) on sale or return stock that they can hold onto for months, how refreshing would it be to charge for a 24/7 on-line presence based on a much lower 20% commission on sales made through your website shop and Etsy shop. What's more you won't have to tie up hundreds of pounds of stock with me, because you send out the order yourself you hold all the stock yourself!


Sound good? If you are interested in exploring the idea further please get in touch and tell me a little more about yourself and what you do.


* You may incur further 3rd party costs for web hosting, Paypal transaction fees, Etsy hosting costs etc which will be clarified on application.