Free Art Business Online Marketing Advice

They say you get nothing for free in this world but I beg to differ here. I have spent hundreds of hours to date documenting my knowledge about marketing your art, craft or photography online and you can find that knowledge in my website blog as well as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest FOR FREE

This process started when I started looking at strategies to stimulate Instagram growth and the more I read about this the more I began to realise that times have really changed from the days when people used to be really protective about their intellectual copyright to one where people are now realising that a big way to attract attention to you and your products online is by releasing good content that people want to read and is freely available.


Unlike traditional media, social media now makes it so easy to get your content to your target audience for little to no cost and it can all happen almost instantly.

I also realised that many people struggle to think of content to post and therefore never get to understand the potential of this which is why so many social media challenges have been created, particularly on Instagram to help this block. 

I was attracted to one such project #the100dayproject which has quite a wide scope in that you set your challenge, you set your topic and then you can even go at your own pace. I set myself a challenge of 100 days of writing about how creatives can market themselves online under the hashtag #100marketingcreatives.


I decided to cover topics such as basic business ideas, website design, mailing lists, Instagram and other social media, paid advertising, prize draws, shows and exhibitions and so much more. I have a long list of topics still to write about and new ideas are being added to my list every day so I suspect this will go way beyond 100 days!

So how does it work? How do I earn a living giving away free advice? Well its simple really. By giving away the advice free I am hoping that people will like my content, comment on my content and share my content with others.

Many people will use my content for free and sell their art and craft much more effectively by following that advice. If they do I say good luck to them. I do not want any financial reward from them all I ask is that they support me by liking, commenting and sharing.


By doing that my numbers of followers will grow and I will also attract people who are either not able to follow my advice on their own or are too busy creating their art and craft to follow my advice themselves and they might be interested in some of the paid services I have to offer. Hopefully by reading some of my free advice it will convince them to trust me and assure them that I do have a good knowledge of what I am talking about.

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