Art Craft Website Design

There is a lot more than 'web design' to the services I offer. I like to think of things more as a web presence, your on-line store front, a database of customers and potential customers and growing that database and selling your products to it in national as well as international markets. It is a whole approach that is designed to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

website design and internet marketing for Charlotte Whitmore
A website developed for Charlotte Whitmore Contemporary Jeweller

At the centre of everything, however, is your website. This is the main hub that connects everything else together. It is the one platform that you truly own. Yes you might have thousands of Instagram or Facebook followers but those platforms can change the way they work almost overnight and totally affect the way that you do business. They impose restrictions, limit what you can post, what you can connect to, how you do things and even who can see what you post.

It is important to set up your own website how you want it where you want it. By all means send people from there to Instagram, Facebook etc, collect mailing list subscribes from there, link to your Etsy shop etc and sell directly from there. Don't just settle for a Facebook business page like some that connects to their Etsy shop, customers expect a professional business to have a professional website and a professional web presence.

I can help you to create a strong website, whether it is simply just a hub that connects all other elements of your online presence or whether it is a complete online shopping experience. A strong website is essential to create that lasting first impression. I have created websites for many artists, photographers and makers and having served a long time in IT I have first hand knowledge of what it takes to market art and craft online supporting my printmaker partner Lucy Gell.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your website design requirements or click the design services link for more details.