Art Business SEO Search Engine Optimisation Audit

So you have created a really great looking website that lists all your wonderful products but nobody is buying them? But do you know why? How many people are visiting your website? Do you have the figures? Is it just that you don't know how to search engine optimise your website so that it comes up in searches for specific keywords and phrases that people would use to find websites and products like yours? Are the visitors simply not arriving to be wowed by your website and products?

I can analyse the figures you are getting and let you know if this is the case and then give you an idea what you need to do so that you appear in more search results so that your website and products are seen by a lot more people which ultimately should convert into more sales if you have done everything else correctly.

SEO Audit Review

  • analysis of recent website visitor numbers
  • analysis of keywords and phrases used to find your website
  • analysis of search positions for keywords and phrases
  • recommendations report


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