Commission Only Full Package

If you need help with lots of things and would rather concentrate on your art or craft than creating your online marketing infrastructure you might be interested in my commission only service. This service has no setup fees, no consultancy fees. You only pay when you sell something online and you pay a fraction of the fees that you would normally pay one of your galleries? It covers

  • web site setup
  • online shop setup
  • mailing list setup
  • social media support
  • mailing support
  • all consultancy and advice
  • performance monitoring
  • regular reviews

Sound interesting? Lower than gallery commission but marketing globally 24/7 not to mention raising your profile. Does that sound too good to be true? So why do I offer that? Well I cannot offer it to everyone. I need to see a product that I feel has great potential first. Not just any product but one that stands out from the crowd. I want to see a sales track record. It doesn't have to be amazing it simply needs to show that your product sells and that you have the determination to succeed. 


My thought process is that as in many walks of life you cannot be good at everything. You excel at your craft but marketing it is often a means to an end and something that keeps you out of the studio. You can pay for marketing services but they are often short lived and you have to keep stopping and starting and justifying costs. With this model I see a long term partnership developing. You do what you are good at and I do what I am good at and we complement each other throughout our relationship.


All the risk is mine as the investment initially is all mine and it will take several months to get things moving and you will have to provide lots of input as I build things for you. Each new client will tie me up for several months so there is often a waiting list for several months. Once things are up and running, however, I need commitment from you - I will get you started with your mailing lists, social media posts, blogging etc but I do not have the time to keep that up for everybody. You will be expected to take up the reigns once I show you how and I will step back and advise rather than do things for you freeing up time for me to get more involved in special campaigns, holiday marketing, sales and so on.

No fees up front service - pay for the service through a 20% fee on on-line sales that way if I do not deliver what I promise I simply don't get paid and you risk nothing! Cheaper than galleries and with a much greater reach!