Art Business Social Media Review

Social media is an essential tool these days to find new customers and build brand awareness. You can no longer rely on search engines to bring customers to your website you need to embrace social media tools too. It can be a complex area if you are new to it and frustrating if you are not if you do not see your efforts being rewarded as social media matures and becomes more competitive but there is a formula you can follow. Let me review your social media. See where you are performing well and help you identify where you need to improve.

I will spend an hour looking at your main social media presence primarily focused on Instagram and then produce a written report detailing my findings and recommended improvements.

Social Media Audit / Review

  • check that you are present in key social media platforms
  • check your profile in each platform and recommend improvements
  • check your use of highlights and recommend changes
  • review your images
  • review your posting content
  • review your use of hashtags
  • review your engagement
  • review your use of stories
  • review who you are following and make recommendations
  • suggest ways to improve your social media strategy


  • Available