Art Business Mailing List

A mailing list is essential to your online marketing efforts. It has been said that a single contact on your mailing list is worth 10 on social media. Whatever the ratio is it is clear why - with a mailing list you own your list, you are not on a rented social media platform that could change at any time and you are not at the mercy of an algorithm that may or may not decide to show your content to your list. I have several detailed mailing list blog posts for more background information and I can integrate a mailing list with your website for you as detailed below.

art business mailing list

Mailing List Setup Service

  • Create a mailing list with Mailchimp
  • Import existing contacts permanently or for a onetime mailing
  • Integrate a signup form within your website
  • Add a popup form to your website to increase signups
  • Add compelling reasons to sign up
  • Colour signup forms to blend in with your branding and website
  • Ensure that your mailing list is GDPR compliant
  • Create a branded welcome email for new signups
  • Create a branded 1st newsletter template
  • Provide up to a couple of hours face to face or remote training


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