117 - SEO One Product Per Webpage Rule

Day 117 - SEO One Product Per Webpage Rule - why this is important for your SEO

I have touched on this briefly already in my series of SEO posts, however, the one product per webpage rule is so important to your SEO that it is worth expanding on here. It should be becoming clear in this series of posts we will be targeting small groups of keywords at each of our website pages. We will be targeting only a small group at each page so that that page becomes much more focused for us and therefore is much more likely to come up in search results for those keywords.

Imagine 2 different scenarios - the first where you have one page for lots of products, in Lucy's example it might be an 'animal prints' page. If on that single page she had an assortment of original prints for cats, dogs, bears, chickens, bats and so on how would Google know what that page is about and what keywords will it focus on - ones to do with cats, dogs, chickens and so on? Would 'animals' have more or less weight as a keyword? The truth is the page would likely have dozens of keywords but they would all be very weak because they would be watered down by all the other keywords around them and certainly not get her to page 1 on Google search for any of them. Also consider this one page as a ticket in the Google lottery - she only has one chance at getting into the Google search results which limits her exposure not to mention making the page very long and difficult for visitors to browse through. There are also 14.4 billion results in Google search for 'animal art' - very competitive indeed!

one product per website page for good SEO webdesign

Now imagine a 2nd scenario where Lucy introduces a separate page for cats, another for dogs, another for bears etc. This time Lucy's keywords on each page can be much more targeted. Google will know that one page is about Cat Art, another is about Dog Art and so on as those words are not being watered down in the same way as the 1st scenario. This in itself will make each page rank higher in Google results for the words that she is targeting and she now has 3 tickets in the Google search lottery rather than 1 offering her much more exposure as she will come up in more search results and will also come up sooner in each set of search results because the pages are more targeted. Still competitive but the numbers are coming down!

good website design one product per web page

Taking this a level further though - how competitive is Cat Art, Dog Art and so on? Using the Google Keyword Planner tool I can see that there are 10k (10,000) to 100k (100,000) searches per month for 'dog art'. That might at first sound like great news, however, consider the competition - there are 5.5 thousand million search results! That is a lot of competition and if Lucy's entire focus was dog art it will take some really clever SEO to get near the top of the search results but as it is much wider than that the solution is to break her dog art down further so that there is less competition and she is likely then to be able to get nearer the top of the search results quicker.

one product per web page website design good seo

If Lucy breaks down her images so that she has a single product per web page then she can be much more focused on the subject of the work. Lucy produces images of whippets, border collies, bull terriers and many other breeds of dogs. If Lucy puts each image on its own page then she can focus her SEO much tighter. A few days ago I added a new product for Lucy titled 'Knick Knack Paddy Whack' - a rather humourous acid plate etching of a bull terrier with a bone in its mouth. I also added two other bull terrier prints. At time of writing Google Keyword Planner suggests that there are around 100-1000 searches on average per month for 'bull terrier art'. There are also 38 million search results. I managed to get at least one of the prints to page 2 of Google search results on the 1st attempt with several ideas of how I can get it onto page 1 on perhaps my 2nd or 3rd attempt later! Lucy now has far more tickets in the Google search lottery now by separating out each of her animal breeds like this so lots more exposure for her work.

one product per page website SEO

It is, however, important to group similar links to related product on a single page, this is necessary to improve the web visitor experience. This is another important element of website design for SEO which I will cover in a later post. The important thing to take away here is that the detailed product listing information and large image etc appear on its own separate web page whereas smaller thumbnails and summaries of related product can be grouped together elsewhere in your website to help your website visitors find what they are looking for once within your website.

Lucy has done several images of dogs in each of the dog breeds. I think she currently has 3 best selling bull terrier images. But here I have only optimised for the phrase 'bull terrier art' - what if someone is looking for 'English bull terrier art' or 'bull terrier print', 'bull terrier wall art', 'bull terrier artwork' and so on? This is where the Google Keyword Planner comes in. I can see which are the 3 most popular searches and then I can target those 3 sets of keywords at the 3 different images that Lucy has each on their own web page. This means that for bull terrier images alone Lucy now has 3 rather than 1 tickets in the Google search lottery. For other breeds such as whippets for example, she has 10-15 giving her even more chances of being found. Once people find any of the pages, it is then important to remember that that image may or may not be what they are looking for but by adding simple buttons such as 'My Other Bull Terrier Images' to the page, for example, you then maintain their interest and take them to other related pages in your website rather than go back to Google search to find other images.

So I hope that this quick explanation stresses the importance of having a single page per product on your website. I totally get that this is much more labour intensive than listing similar products on the same web page, however, it should be clear that the extra effort is worthwhile as it allows you to target your SEO much more effectively and buys you so many more tickets in the Google search lottery dramatically increasing your chances of being found. You might also want to take a look at Day 60 - Products Rule Of 50 for more related reading on this subject.

Do you have a different webpage for every one of your products?

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