All editions of Book-It membership software come with 30 days free telephone support. After that time all Enterprise, Pro and Lite edition support is chargeable, although Shareware edition customers will receive further free support by email only. Support without a support agreement will be given a lower priority in favour of customers who have taken out support agreements.

Note that a support+ agreement will be required for uses of the Book-It On-Line module. These agreements carry all the features of the related standard agreements but extend to also cover support of the Book-It On-Line module.

For business customers we recommend that you purchase one of our annual support agreements. This will extend our support service and we will guarantee a response time for the support therefore reducing any inconvenience to your business. An agreement will also make support cost budgeting much easier. Several levels of support agreement are currently available and all can be paid by a single annual payment or 12 monthly instalments. See our support comparison page to easily compare our support agreements.