Book-It Member File DIY Data Conversion

Our second method of data conversion requires a lot less effort by Instinctive Systems Ltd and therefore is considerably cheaper. It does, however, mean that customers have to do a lot more work and may involve a much larger amount of time between stopping using their old system and starting to use their new Book-It system whilst they complete their data conversion.


We have created a number of Excel spreadsheet files that list Book-It data fields in a specific order. An accompanying Word instruction manual details how data should be extracted from an old system and copied into the relevant areas of the Excel spreadsheet. Once copied in these spreadsheets can be sent to us by post or email to be run through a semi automated data conversion program that we have written that expects data in a specific format. More often than not we will spot some errors in the first pass and send the files back to the customer with a list of corrections they should make until finally we receive a file that can be processed correctly to create a new Book-It database. Because this system still requires some manual input from us we must charge for the service, however, we are able to limit it to a fixed cost of £313 UK sterling + VAT for a member file conversion and £159 UK sterling + VAT for an enquiry file conversion. Click here to download a copy of the files used in this data conversion process.

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