Day 65 - Christmas Begins In August!!!

Day 65 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Christmas Begins In August - Why Christmas needs to start much earlier for artists and makers (Updated 20/08/2020)

My plan was to write this post on 1st August 2019 and I wrote it 31st August. I then planned to revisit it and update it 1st August 2020 and here I am on the 20th August! That surely illustrates what we all struggle with 'too much to do and too little time to do it!'. So much to catch up on and as an independent like you there is no such thing as holiday pay so you have to prioritorise paid work over giving away free advice and setting plans for the future just to survive.

christmas planning for artists photographers creatives and makers marketing your art or craft online

Its not procrastination, its just constant juggling of priorities, deciding what is essential right now, what can wait and what just needs to be discarded as there simply isn't time to do everything!

What you cannot neglect as an independent creative, however, is your plan for the 4th quarter. Many report that they make 80%+ of their annual sales in the last 3 months of the year. So what's the rush? Afterall its only August (August 1st if this post had been written on time). Well August is the time that you should be planning how you are going to approach the Christmas season and that plan should roll out from September onwards if you are going to maximise on sales and growth of your business.

christmas planning for artists photographers and makers marketing your art or craft online

Since last years original post I have written a number of blog posts that might help with preparations which you can find in the links below. I will try to schedule more posts in the coming weeks that will hopefully prove as useful

christmas planning for artists photographers and makers marketing your art or craft online

There is a lot to get done and the time to do it is running out so there is no time to lose. Join me for the ride and bring a friend or two with you, this is free advice after all, it would be great to return the favour by spreading the word! 

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What plans do you have in place for Christmas?

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