Art & Craft Marketing Testimonials

It is always great to have your feedback. Let me know what you think. Let me know what you like, what could be improved, what you would like to see in the future. It will all be well received here. Here are some of the things people have said about my art, craft and photography blog and services.

"A huge thanks to Lucy and Paul who organised that giveaway and put so many hours into it! Paul is amazing at getting the most out of social media, check out his feed"

Molly Lemon Art Apr 20 (Instagram Story)

"Thank you very much for organising, for the best detailed guide for a giveaway, for professional support. Your work was excellent"

Black Nose Studio Apr 20 (Instagram DM)

"Practical and detailed advice, systematic and courteous interactions with enquirers and a consistent presence online"

Jill Apr 20 (5 out of 5 Facebook Review)

"It is a tribute to how well these are written that I can get them done so easily. Thank you!"

Fleursjewelry Apr 20 (comment on Instagram post)

"There is a ton of amazing info on how to be better at promoting your art online by @simpleartmarketing which is the only time I wish I wasn't a mum who is looking after her daughter 24/7 who would have time to just sit down and implement all the golden bits of information he shares for free with us makers/artists/crafters!"

Lee Loo and Willow Mar 20 (Instagram Post)

"Hi Paul thank you for your message. It's great to come across someone who understands the creative industry. I see I have lots of reading to catch up on in your blog which I came across last night. Your link was posted on a Facebook group I follow - Art Fair Buddies."

Liz Mar 20 (Instagram DM)

"This is the message I have been sending to new followers as recommended by you. I got into a conversation a few days ago with a gallery owner in Belper and they invited me to be one of their featured artists in the future!! If I hadn't started the conversation I don't think that would have happened!"

Pam Mar 20 (Instagram DM)

"Another seller on Etsy recommended your posts and website and I found it really insightful and helpful! Thank you. I am a new Etsy seller and I just need some guidance in how to have an all round more successful shop and how to gain a bigger following. Thanks for all your help"

Indya Mar 20 (Instagram DM)

"I really find your content very useful, some things I've already learned but I still like seeing them written down in such an easy to understand and well organised way. I will definitely be sharing and mentioning you"

Rossi Feb 20 (Instagram DM)

“I have learned so much about Instagram and marketing art from this gentleman. He gives out SO MUCH great info!”

Lynn Feb 20 (Instagram social story re #100daysmarketingcreatives)

“Fellow small business owners, have you met Paul Herschell @simpleartmarketing. He's just finished 100 days of free advice, hints and tips for creative businesses, but he's not stopping there! Give him a follow and check out all that info. It's good stuff!”

Katherine Feb 20 (Instagram social story re #100daysmarketingcreatives)

“Give a follow to @simpleartmarketing for valuable online marketing advice for creatives, including this great post re: making sure people find you on Etsy!”

Tisha Feb 20 (Instagram social story re #100daysmarketingcreatives)

“Some fabulous tips from @simpleartmarketing. Please take a look at his account!”

Sunny Side Up Arts & Gifts Feb 20 (Instagram social story re #100daysmarketingcreatives)

"Thank you Paul! I just browsed several of your recent posts, all very helpful content. I am especially inspired to go create a Christmas gift ideas page - great idea! Also found the posts about newsletters very helpful as I've just sent out my 1st monthly newsletter and looking forward to further developing my mailing list. Thanks so much for sharing such great content! I will do my best to let others know"

Tisha Nov 19 (Instagram DM)

“What you are doing is brilliant. I got completely distracted by it, then realised I was 5 minutes behind on my ‘getting the son off to school’ schedule. I’m going back to read the rest later and I’ll put something in my stories to try to spread the word! Thank you!”

Katherine May 19 (Instagram DM re #100daysmarketingcreatives)