Book-It Testimonials

Over the years many lovely testimonials have been received about my Book-It software and services provided to customers who bought that software

"Book-It is easy to use, the filters especially so, compared with some other databases. Reports and mailings can be produced in a fraction of the time that they used to take and, more importantly, without stress. Of course, as is only to be expected with a tailored system, we have had one or two minor glitches but these have been resolved very rapidly through the Silver Support agreement. The resulting software updates were delivered by email and were straightforward to install."

Dr Alison Deveson

Membership Secretary

Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society (Professional Edition)


"Ease of use very good. Support & Ease of use very good. Support & availability of support very good. Easy to train people to use. Implementation of updates very easy + supported well. I am relatively new to this type of software and was pleasantly surprised how much automation there was built in when I first started to use it. The support is great and the product makes our job so much easier."

Lauren Fawkes

Managing Director

Spice Manchester Ltd (Enterprise Edition with On-Line Module)


"Book-It has transformed the way the NPA communicates with members. It enables us to email bespoke letters or send out batch letters and emails for routine jobs that took a huge amount of management time and expertise before. It allows us to analyse our membership records in a way that was not possible before and send out subscription invoices on time. We also advertise courses and conferences online and give members the option of booking online via Book-It which saves everyone time. It's a great tool. We have opted for telephone support which is helpful, understandable and usually available straight away. We find Book-It invaluable and are really pleased we chose it."

Des Milligan

Chief Executive

The National Pawnbrokers Association (Pro Edition with On-Line Module)


"The basic functions are generally well laid out and easy to use, and it has many sophisticated functions for the advanced user. The management of Direct Debits is particularly useful. A very useful tool that helps us run our membership smoothly."

Tim Walton


Carpenters Fellowship (Pro Edition)


"Excellent software that makes my working life so much easier. Documents and data inputting used to take forever and now they are completed in minutes. As a sole trader this has increased my ability to create new business rather than getting bogged down with administration tasks. The web demos are excellent"

Jill Heal


Dale Valley Training (Lite Edition)


"Book-It has enabled us to provide our customer base with a higher level of service. It's ease of use and tab system layout makes it very user friendly and provides all the necessary tools to communicate in a professional manner"

Mr Lyall Plant

Acting Chief Executive

Countryside Alliance (Ireland) (Pro Edition)


"Excellent, friendly and very informative service. I would strongly recommend training days"

Mrs Nicki Bayes

Women In Business (Northern Ireland) (Pro Edition with On-Line Module)


"The Book-It video demonstration really appealed, we could see how Book it had many of the properties we were looking for and it was apparent that Book it could do a better job than our current software. It also seemed to have a cleaner interface. It's fairly intuitive and staff can pick it up relatively quickly. Very few hiccups with data conversion. I know Instinctive Systems worked with our data manager to ensure everything was transferred across efficiently and effectively.


This software will evolve with GEL. I am sure we will learn more about using UDFs, write better queries, make better use of the enquiries database, access the web enabled version, use the newsletter function and much more. We would also like to see Book it evolve into an evaluations database, maybe have on line assessment for our qualifications courses, allow on line NVQs to be uploaded, work with survey tools to canvass our customers and so much more. There is no shortage of ideas!


If you are an events management company, particularly running training events with delegates from many different companies, all booking at different times, then this software is certainly worth a look!"

Kevin Holt

Managing Director

Gloucestershire Enterprise Ltd (Pro Edition)



"Book-It has totally transformed our business, creating neat order out of near chaos! The system gives instant access to so much valuable data which was not readily available prior to installing with its invaluable reporting features. A professional service and fully comprehensive easy to use software combined with a personable and extremely patient support team that clearly knows how to communicate with non computer people"

Mr Dave Smith

Managing Director Spice UK Ltd (Enterprise Edition with On-Line Module)



"Women In Business is delighted with the service they have received from Instinctive Systems. We chose them because we believed they understood our requirements and would work closely with us to deliver a world class membership system for our members. They have delivered on that promise."

Mrs Susan McCambridge

Women In Business (Northern Ireland) (Pro Edition with On-Line Module)


"As a training and network association, Book-It has helped us to manage our administration systems so well it almost feels like a bespoke database. We have been particularly impressed with the level of support"

Bronwen Ella

Network Administrator

Electronics Yorkshire (Pro Edition)


"We have had and continue to have an excellent service provided by Instinctive Systems. They are both professional and friendly"

Mrs Andrea Gallimore

IT Manager Vitalise (Pro and Enterprise Editions)


"Support and help to get to know the programme and its capabilities has been first rate. I have come to the conclusion that you sit all day (and well into the evening) at the computer, just waiting to solve my next problem! :-) Thank you. I really do appreciate your help. I think the software is generally excellent - very versatile and certainly the most powerful of the lower cost applications I have tried out. The more I use it, the more Book-It and I are becoming friends. It does everything we need and, thanks to the user defined fields, quite a lot of useful stuff I hadn't anticipated."

Mrs Janet Russell

Relatives and Residents Association (Essex Branch) (Shareware Edition)


"Having reviewed a number of software packages that were available on the market and given consideration to developing our own In-house solution, we opted for Book-It software. Having increased membership by approximately 50% within the previous twelve months, the club's management were concerned that a greater level of control and reporting over their membership data would be needed to ensure that the club continued to grow and prosper. Offering easy to use functionality for tasks such as subscription renewals and producing club newsletters, plus optional extras, for example, dealing with the purchase and sale of club merchandise, Book-It was the obvious solution and what's more very reasonably priced. The on-line Tour and evaluation version of the software enabled the club to assess Book-It in advance of purchasing the package and when the opportunity arose for the club to secure external funding to cover the cost of the software, the staff at Instinctive Systems were very helpful in ensuring that the purchase was dealt with quickly and smoothly.


The club's Business Development Manager has now been tasked with transferring records over from our legacy system to Book-It and is equally complementary of Instinctive Systems support staff in making this task as painless as possible! The club now looks forward to a further period of growth and has no doubt that in Book-It it has selected a system that will meet it's demands both now and in the future."

Mr Chris Johnson

Club Development Officer, Helsby Community Sports and Social Club (Lite Edition)



“I rely entirely on Bookit for my business to function. As well as hugely reducing time & admin in our very busy office in recent years there have been numerous advances in the links with our website which I feel has kept my business at the forefont with online bookings & facilities. I am very excited about the future developments I know that Instinctive Systems have in the pipeline”

Sandra Willis

Managing Director - Spice Yorkshire (Pro Edition with On-Line Module)


"Over the past years, Book-It 2 has proved to be a highly flexible and reliable platform on which to run our business, providing much of our specialist needs, or being adapted to meet our requirements. The additional features and added flexibility of Book-It 3 should further enhance the systems’ capability and widen its potential application areas. We would also compliment the systems’ ease of use and the back up support provided both cheerfully and efficiently whenever needed (usually due to something we have done!). We now look forward to enjoying many more years of service from our new Book-It 3 system as we continue to grow and develop our own successful business."

Mr Lloyd Reynolds

Cannons Group - Adventures Dept (Enterprise Edition)


"Book-It is a major improvement over our old system. We can now really improve the service we give to our members and it will reduce the amount of time spent on administration in the office. Instinctive Systems have delivered all the enhancements ahead of schedule and within budget. The whole installation went very smoothly."

Mr Vic Ellis

Guide Dogs For The Blind - Holidays England (Pro Edition)


“I am using Book-It to log enquiries; send out letters and information; book people onto courses and confirm bookings; run reports and export data to produce certificates for successful attendees. I certainly could not cope with the demands of running a charity in my spare time without the Book-It software. It is a nice product which I found easy to use, does most of what I need and is very reliable.”

Mr Andrew Attack

Heartstart Havering (Shareware Edition)


"Book-it will provide an excellent resource to help me develop my role. As well as having all of our membership data in one place, it can easily be analysed, and will allow me to undertake targeted marketing campaigns and initiatives. It was really useful to be able to utilise the data transfer tool provided by Instinctive Systems, as this allowed me to convert our data from a MS Excel spreadsheet into the Book-it system, without having to enter almost 800 member's details individually"

Michelle Pickstock

Business Development Manager, Helsby Community Sports and Social Club (Lite Edition)


"With Book_It acting as the nervous system for an events based organisation, and the inevitable demands of running events during the evenings and weekends on top of a full day's admin there is little or no margin of time for technical problems. I found that the support of Instinctive systems both during system upgrade and also during a crisis where my elderly and frequently crashing laptop had caused problems with Bookit both fast, understanding and - necessarily - patient. My own failures in performing adequate backup were swept gently aside as Instinctive Systems focussed on getting me back on track within an hour. I am most grateful and would recommend both the program and the service most highly."

Lisa Stubbs


Spice London North (Pro Edition with On-Line Module)