Social Media

Social Media · 13 June 2020
Did you spoke the username change from @pherschell to @simpleartmarketing recently?

Social Media · 03 March 2020
How can starting a new hashtag help you in social media. Can you help me choose one for my new project?

Social Media · 25 February 2020
Thanks for the great feedback. As a result I will continue with my blog to continue to help you market your art, craft and photography online

Social Media · 12 February 2020
Why is it so important to show up consistently to market your art, craft and photography online?

Social Media · 24 November 2019
Why you should use 5 or more words in all responses to comments made on your social media such as Instagram and Facebook when marketing your art, craft or photography on line

Social Media · 22 April 2019
Why should you use social media? How does it help? Where do you start? Answers to these and more of your questions about using social media to market your art or craft business.