Milestones · 17 February 2020
Day 100 of my 100 day project helping market artists, photographers, crafters and makers online. Time to reflect. Has it been useful to you? Where to from here.

Milestones · 11 June 2019
100 followers milestone reached. Why you should mark milestones like this and use them to thank your supporters for their existing support and ask them for more to help you along your journey marketing your art or craft online

Milestones · 30 March 2019
On Monday 2nd April I will start #the100dayproject on Instagram. The project is designed to help you focus on developing something creative over a period of 100 days using the project to help stay focused and on track. My project is all about art, artists, creatives, makers and supporting them to keep doing what they do sharing lots of ideas about how to go about promoting your craft online.