Instagram · 19 September 2019
How you can use giveaways in social media to quickly boost your audience before campaigns such as Christmas marketing in order to make your efforts go further marketing art, photography and craft online

Instagram · 04 June 2019
How to get more eyes on you and grow your following by commenting early on larger influential accounts using Instagram notifications to market your art or craft online

Instagram · 03 June 2019
Why you should be liking other people's posts and commenting in order to help increase your Instagram followers when marketing your art or craft online

Instagram · 02 June 2019
Why is it important to talk to new likes and follows when growing your Instagram account to help market your art and craft online?

Instagram · 23 May 2019
Exploit existing contacts and connections in order to get your Instagram account off the ground. Use family and friends, Facebook contacts, galleries and suppliers and anybody else that will support you to get moving.

Instagram · 22 May 2019
Don't type new hashtags into Instagram posts with each new post. Save frequently used groups of hashtags so that they can easily be copied and reused.

Instagram · 21 May 2019
So what should you include in your first Instagram post? Set the scene, show and tell people what to expect if they follow you but don't overthink it. Keep it simple and to the point and concentrate on regular posting from now on.

Instagram · 16 May 2019
What hashtags should you use in your Instagram posts? How many? What size? How frequently? What is a hashtag and why you need them? Everything you need to know to start using hashtags to grow your account.

Instagram · 14 May 2019
Why it is important to plan your posts. How it maintains the balance and helps to form new ideas. Resources to use in the planning process.

Instagram · 12 May 2019
Why goals are important to help you plan your post content to market your art or craft in Instagram

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