Business · 11 May 2020
Are you aware of the UK government's self employed income support grant, who is eligible and how to claim it this week?

Business · 08 April 2019
Day 7 of #the100dayproject - Create Your art, craft or photography branding in order to market your business online. Business tips and advice with examples and resources.

Business · 07 April 2019
Day 6 of #the100dayproject - create a logo. A key part in creating your brand identify as you market your art or craft business online

Business · 06 April 2019
Day 5 of #100daysmarketingcreatives - Do You Need To Rethink?

Business · 05 April 2019
Who does it already? Who is your competition? Identify, follow and learn from them. Ongoing tips to help market your online art, craft, photography or creative business

Business · 04 April 2019
What are your USPs (unique selling points)? Key steps to go through in marketing your art or craft business online.

Business · 03 April 2019
Try to pinpoint in a single line exactly what you do whilst keeping it interesting and memorable if possible.

Business · 02 April 2019
OK for those of you thinking or starting an art or craft business lets go right back to basics before I get to the technical stuff later (apologies to those beyond this already but please stay tuned as things will quickly pick up!). What do you want to call yourself? You don't have to set this in concrete just now as the first few things I will go into over the first few days of this project will help you focus on what you are going to do and you should consider revisiting all of them a few...