Website · 23 August 2019
Why it is essential to expand on size information for your products visually and in your text when designing your online shop product pages marketing your art or craft online

Website · 21 August 2019
What are the essential things to consider when designing your online shop product pages marketing your art or craft online

Website · 31 July 2019
Why you need 50 or more products in your online shop to make it work marketing your art or craft online

Website · 23 July 2019
What are shop landing pages and why do you need them when marketing your art and craft online

Website · 17 July 2019
How and why to implement the golden design rule of 7 when implementing your online shop to market your art or craft online

Website · 15 July 2019
Find out how to give your web shop maximum exposure within your website ensuring that visitors can quickly find it in order to create good first impressions and increase sales marketing art and craft online

Website · 13 July 2019
Where are the best places to sell your art and craft online? Consider all options in my detailed review of your own website, Etsy, Artfinder, Folksy, Fine Art America, Saatchi Art, Not On The High Street, NuMONDAY, Singulart, ArtPal, Society 6 and more

Website · 15 April 2019
Understand the basics about resizing your photos before adding them to your art or craft website

Website · 14 April 2019
Creating a contact page for your art or craft business website and what you should and should not display.

Website · 13 April 2019
Why you need a portfolio / gallery /artwork or similar page on your website for your art and craft business and what it should contain.

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