Website · 15 April 2019
Understand the basics about resizing your photos before adding them to your art or craft website

Website · 14 April 2019
Creating a contact page for your art or craft business website and what you should and should not display.

Website · 13 April 2019
Why you need a portfolio / gallery /artwork or similar page on your website for your art and craft business and what it should contain.

Website · 12 April 2019
What to include in your 1st about / biography page when setting up your new website to market your art and craft business online

Website · 11 April 2019
Day 10 of #the100dayproject - 1st Homepage Essentials. Hints and tips at what the essentials are for your 1st homepage design to market your art or craft business online.

Website · 10 April 2019
Day 9 of #the100dayproject helping market art and craft businesses online. Learn about creating your 1st website. Where to host, tools to use, start free, pitfalls to avoid.

Website · 09 April 2019
#the100dayproject Day 8 - choose a domain name. Details of how to decide on a website address for your new art or craft business and how to go about registering it.