Shows and Exhibitions

Shows and Exhibitions · 25 June 2019
Choose how to pick a prize draw winner following your show or exhibition to help further market your art or craft online

Shows and Exhibitions · 24 June 2019
How should you respond to mailing list signups received at a show? The importance of prompt follow up.

Shows and Exhibitions · 21 June 2019
Discover how you can dramatically increase email signups at a show or exhibition by implementing a prize draw then see recurring sales year on year from these mailing list additions when marketing your art or craft online

Shows and Exhibitions · 18 June 2019
How including a simple thankyou card with purchases can lead to additional mailing list signup and post show sales.

Shows and Exhibitions · 17 June 2019
Why should you ask every customer that purchases from your to join your mailing list? How will it affect repeat business, what techniques can you use?

Shows and Exhibitions · 14 June 2019
Why you should use business cards to bring your offline show customers online in order to help market your art or craft online

Shows and Exhibitions · 13 June 2019
Why is it important to display your web address prominently on your stand signage at your shows and exhibitions? Why does it take priority over all your other contact methods? What do you stand to gain from it being seen by your customers?

Shows and Exhibitions · 12 June 2019
Learn why you should use an Instagram nametag at your show or exhibition and how do you go about creating one to help market your art or craft online

Shows and Exhibitions · 10 June 2019
Why should you promote your offline event online and how should you go about doing that?

Shows and Exhibitions · 07 June 2019
If your art doesn't already sell offline it is highly unlikely that it will sell online. Test your product locally at shows and exhibitions. Get your product, pricing and presentation right and validate it offline before investing more time and effort to sell it online