SEO · 10 July 2020
Why is it important to embed your keywords in your website page body area and how can you do it effectively without making it unreadable or looking spammy?

SEO · 06 July 2020
How can you use photographs and images to help your website page SEO search engine optimisation on your art, craft or photography website?

SEO · 01 July 2020
What are on page headings? How do you create them and use them to increase SEO search engine optimisation in your art, craft or photography website?

SEO · 28 June 2020
What are the meta title and meta description fields for your website pages and how do you set them as part of your SEO search engine optimisation strategy for your art, craft or photography website?

SEO · 04 June 2020
What are website broken links and why is it so important for good SEO to identify and fix them?

SEO · 03 June 2020
How to match researched keywords and phrases for your website to appropriate pages within your website before optimising the SEO for those pages to increase visitors

SEO · 06 May 2020
Why is it important to only list one product on each website page when designing your website with good SEO in mind?

SEO · 29 April 2020
Why it is essential to create a list of website pages that you wish to optimise in your SEO and what information you should record with it

SEO · 25 March 2020
Choosing the right keywords and phrases to optimise your website for can be difficult. Learn how to use tools to help you to do this better when marketing your art, craft and photography online.

SEO · 22 March 2020
How to learn from your competitors about SEO. Examine their websites to look for good keywords and phrases to employ in your search engine optimisation marketing art craft and photography online

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