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SEO · 06 May 2020
Why is it important to only list one product on each website page when designing your website with good SEO in mind?

SEO · 29 April 2020
Why it is essential to create a list of website pages that you wish to optimise in your SEO and what information you should record with it

SEO · 13 March 2020
What is a website sitemap and why and how should I use one as part of my SEO search engine optimisation for my art, craft or photography website

SEO · 10 March 2020
What is Google Search Console and why is it so important to registered your website with it to optimise your art, craft or photography website for search engines

SEO · 08 March 2020
What is SEO? The beginning of a sequence of posts on search engine optimisation starting with what it is and why you need it.