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Shows and Exhibitions · 03 July 2019
Get even more subscribers and sales following your prize draw by asking the winner for some material that you can use for publicity in social media and your newsletter marketing your art or craft online

Shows and Exhibitions · 29 June 2019
Don't just ignore the draw losers, update them, commiserate with them, entice them with a time sensitive offer to cushion the blow and work on building the new relationship

Shows and Exhibitions · 26 June 2019
Make initial contact with your prize draw winner. Congratulate them and obtain all the necessary details in order to get their prize to them

Shows and Exhibitions · 25 June 2019
Choose how to pick a prize draw winner following your show or exhibition to help further market your art or craft online

Shows and Exhibitions · 24 June 2019
How should you respond to mailing list signups received at a show? The importance of prompt follow up.

Shows and Exhibitions · 21 June 2019
Discover how you can dramatically increase email signups at a show or exhibition by implementing a prize draw then see recurring sales year on year from these mailing list additions when marketing your art or craft online

Shows and Exhibitions · 18 June 2019
How including a simple thankyou card with purchases can lead to additional mailing list signup and post show sales.

Shows and Exhibitions · 17 June 2019
Why should you ask every customer that purchases from your to join your mailing list? How will it affect repeat business, what techniques can you use?

Mailing List · 17 April 2019
How to set up a great looking mailing list to capture leads for your art or craft business

Mailing List · 16 April 2019
Why you need a mailing list when marketing your art or craft business online in an age of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media and why you need to think about it sooner rather than later