SEO · 01 July 2020
What are on page headings? How do you create them and use them to increase SEO search engine optimisation in your art, craft or photography website?

SEO · 28 June 2020
What are the meta title and meta description fields for your website pages and how do you set them as part of your SEO search engine optimisation strategy for your art, craft or photography website?

Social Media · 13 June 2020
Did you spoke the username change from @pherschell to @simpleartmarketing recently?

SEO · 04 June 2020
What are website broken links and why is it so important for good SEO to identify and fix them?

SEO · 03 June 2020
How to match researched keywords and phrases for your website to appropriate pages within your website before optimising the SEO for those pages to increase visitors

Tools · 13 May 2020
A revisit to creating tasteful lifestyle room mockups for your art and photography using Canvy Room Mockup software

Business · 11 May 2020
Are you aware of the UK government's self employed income support grant, who is eligible and how to claim it this week?

SEO · 06 May 2020
Why is it important to only list one product on each website page when designing your website with good SEO in mind?

Instagram · 01 May 2020
Why did you get an Action Blocked message from Instagram when sending DMs or doing other Instagram actions? What does it mean, why did it happen and how can it be avoided?

SEO · 29 April 2020
Why it is essential to create a list of website pages that you wish to optimise in your SEO and what information you should record with it

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