Instagram · 30 September 2020
Why has my Instagram engagement dropped recently? Why am I getting fewer likes, comments and profile visits?

Etsy · 18 September 2020
What is the experiment that Etsy are doing with international currency pricing? How does it work and should you get involved?

Tools · 11 September 2020
What is a Redbubble shop and why should you consider opening one as an independent artist?

Holiday Season · 03 September 2020
What are preorders and how can you use them to bring products to market quicker, with less financial stress and more accurately gauge demand for your art, craft or photography products as we approach the 4th quarter.

Instagram · 03 August 2020
Why does Instagram exist? What is it main business aim and how does understanding it help you market you art, craft or photography business on the platform

Instagram · 21 July 2020
Why video is changing in social media? Why you should be using it and how you can post different lengths of video in Instagram

Website · 14 July 2020
Why is it important to transfer your art and photography to art cards and greeting cards to grow your business? How do you do this efficiently?

SEO · 10 July 2020
Why is it important to embed your keywords in your website page body area and how can you do it effectively without making it unreadable or looking spammy?

SEO · 06 July 2020
How can you use photographs and images to help your website page SEO search engine optimisation on your art, craft or photography website?

SEO · 01 July 2020
What are on page headings? How do you create them and use them to increase SEO search engine optimisation in your art, craft or photography website?

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