About Me

I created Instinctive Systems, a small approachable IT company in 1991. I was involved in large scale IT development projects for large corporates initially but then went on to develop my own in-house Book-It software for use within many types of membership based organisation with version 1.0 being launched in 1996 and the latest version 5.0 software appearing in late 2015.


Throughout all of these years the main focus of Instinctive Systems has been to help organisations streamline their processes through the use of technology usually creating dramatic cost savings and helping to stimulate rapid growth. I have been helping my customers to increase their customers and to market their products to them more effectively. It has been my goal to implement this using a personal service introducing systems that are simple and easy to use avoiding much of the confusing jargon so often used in the industry.


Although I have worked with many organisations in many sectors I particularly like working with the smaller business on a personal level where I can make big differences quickly. Over the many years I have worked with other companies. I have supplied other software and services to companies while they have sourced website design services from 3rd parties. I have seen some successful projects but many other failed projects or projects that went way over budget or did not meet expectations. With new technology available I have since 2015 moved towards helping organisations with their website design and associated services and am actively promoting these services at the moment particulary in the artist / maker sector where I have a lot of experience on both sides of the fence.