122 - Notice Anything New?

Day 122 - Notice Anything New? - did you spot what happened to my Instagram this week?

Yes its still me here, Paul Herschell, but the eagle eyes among you will have noticed that my username changed this week from @pherschell to @simpleartmarketing. This has been on the cards for some time now. I advise customers so often about consistent branding but I am often the last to put my own house in order. I have been meaning to create a tag line and consistent usernames across my brand for so long but there have been a number of complications. I will be running a webinar with Owen from @handmade_hour in just over a weeks time about the importance of creating a good Instagram profile so I thought it was time I dealt with it!


Hopefully it hasn't caused too much confusion and you are all still following me under the new username but please remember if you are recommending my account to anybody or mentioning me in your stories and posts the account is now @simpleartmarketing.

What do you think? Is this a good change?

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