113 - Covid 19 Website Notice

Day 113 - Covid 19 Website Notice - why you need one and what it should cover

I am very aware I need to get back to my SEO posts very shortly but in this time of rapid change I just want to cover something that I think is really important right now. We all know that we are surrounded by Covid 19 and a lot of people are naturally very fearful of the whole situation. We are seeing changes almost on a daily basis to what we can and cannot do, new government advice and so on. It is a time when people need reassurance to take away some of their worry.

coronavirus website update

One way to do this is by putting a Covid 19 notice on your website. You will all have seen them as so many big company websites already have them but you might not have really thought through how one could help with your business? These notices are designed to reassure people that everything is continuing as near normal as possible (or not) but also to reassure people that everything is being done at your end to follow best practices and keep everybody safe whilst you continue to trade and post product out to people.

corona virus website update

I would recommend everyone to have one at this point and for the next few uncertain months. Use the opportunity to describe changes you have made in your processes, precautions that are being taken and advise customers about any risk to them in receiving your products and what precautions they can take at their end. Think about offering services such as gift wrap and sending product directly to recipients with personal messages and gift cards rather than your customer having to post again and so on to make things easier and reduce the strain on the postal service.

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Obviously there are bound to be some problems. You might not be able to get some supplies during lockdown. You might not be able to post out as quickly or there might be delays beyond your control in the postal services and so on so be straight with your customers about this.

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Take the time to talk your customers through all of this, keep them informed and keep them up to date. It will make them feel valued and will help with building your relationship and trust with them and will pay off in terms of sales now and repeat business in the future.

covid 19 website update

Pin a link to this on your homepage, main shop page as well as other key pages and replicate the information across other selling platforms such as your Etsy shop and so on. Also remember that this page is for your current customers, it is not for Google, it is not something people will search for on Google and you certainly do not want to weaken your SEO (search engine optimisation) for all the other words you have used to carefully describe your craft and products so be sure to tick 'noindex' to hide the page from search engines in your web page SEO setup area.


Do you have a Covid 19 update on your website? What do you discuss on there?

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