March Meet The Maker Day 27 - Goals

I have lots of goals but sometimes things happen that make those goals seem less important and you realise just how lucky you are right now. If I have to list some though I suppose that I want to grow the seeds that I have been sowing in the last few years and am still doing in my business so that it helps me reestablish that work life balance that I lost a little when I pivoted what I was doing a short while back. I am investing lots of time in my business, I think I am helping lots of people but with little revenue return right now. My plan is to grow an audience first. Then I don't need a massive income and don't have any designs on taking over the world but I would like to earn enough to take a little more time off, spend more quality time with my family and travel a lot more. I love doing what I do but sometimes it can be all consuming which isn't ideal.

art marketing goals

I started what I do now to support my printmaker partner Lucy Gell and that is still a main drive behind what I do now. I desperately want to help her make her business a real success so that she can bring more joy into the world with her work producing lots more art to make people smile and that children's book(s) she has been dreaming of for many years, thats my main goal really, that and getting everything to tick over nicely so that we all have lots more downtime and quality family time.


Anybody else feel that way?

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