March Meet The Maker Day 25 - How It's Made

Struggling a little with this one if I am honest. How it is made is really for makers of physical products. It is about their construction, materials used, processes and skill levels involved. So how do I talk about making what I make when I help market art, craft and photography online? It is electronic afterall. How do I describe that? I don't think a quick time lapse video will work here will it?

how its made art marketing online

Well if I am true to the challenge I suppose I have to attempt this one. I suppose ultimately I make customers purchase my customers products online. That is what I 'make'. But how do I do that? That is where so many things come into play. Ultimately it is not just about getting my customers products in front of people and available to buy, yes I need to help them provide the mechanisms to purchase but I need to help them achieve confidence and trust from their customers before they buy. I encourage them to create great photos of their products, describe them well, lay them out clearly and cleanly, have lots of ways into their shop. I encourage them to show their customers their own processes, how things are made, the level of skill involved, behind the scenes in their studios and workshops. I encourage them to allow their customers to get to know them, their personality by writing about themselves on their websites, in blogs, in social media and projects like this. Ultimately I need to get people to 'trust' my customers in order to 'make' that sale.


I encourage my customers to get in front of their customers regularly with monthly newsletters, regular social media posts, Etsy updates, blogs, sales and promotions, giveaways. To network with industry influences and lots of SEO. Recent events show that we should never be complacent so I encourage customers to spread themselves across multiple income streams, galleries, workshops, website, 3rd party selling platforms and multiple social media platforms. So yes making each sale for each customer involves quite a complex process, is time consuming and uses quite a varied skill set and it is very different for each customer and each sale. But can I show you in a time lapse video? Maybe next time ...


Did I get away with that or did I miss the target completely?

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