March Meet The Maker Day 19 - Packaging

That's easy there is none my products are electronic! Am I done? I have almost caught up on the March Meet The Maker challenge after all!

Seriously though, some of you might be well on top of your packaging but for those that aren't it doesn't have to be the minefield that it might first seem. Forget the used banana boxes from the local coop then spending half a day wrapping that framed work before a couple of sleepless nights with all your fingers and toes crossed hoping everything will get there in one piece. There are much better packaging solutions available. 

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Talk to packaging companies - there are many out there that offer lots of different packaging for lots of different products. We regularly use DavPack. Call the company and tell them what you want to send and ask for advice. When sending framed art here we use lengths of foam that clip right around the frames then bubble wrap everything before placing in telescopic boxes which are then tightly strapped. This keeps things surprisingly safe. Check out volume ordering to keep packaging costs down and maybe split an order with other artists, makers or photographers to keep costs down. Also keep an eye on size and weight. Use envelopes and boxes that provide sufficient protection but are not excessively large or heavy forcing your product into the next postal price brand.

I suppose my most important piece of advice here is do not reinvent the wheel. There are many people already doing this for similar products to your own. Talk to them and share information and advice so that you all benefit. Secondly consider the cost of your time. It doesn't make sense to spend an hour wrapping something when you can spend £5 on good packaging materials where you can simply pop the product in and secure in minutes then spend that hour much more productively! Finally consider the environment. This is a big topic at the moment. Show that you are considering this in your packaging!

What other packaging companies are people using? Any recommendations or other packaging tips?

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