107 - Brainstorm SEO Keywords & Phrases

Day 107 - Brainstorm SEO Keywords & Phrases - develop an initial list of what you want to be found for

By now you hopefully have Google Search Console and Google Analytics installed. If not check out 104 - Register With Google Search Console and 106 - Google Analytics What Is It And Why Do I Need It. I am now going to take you down a path where we look at how you want you and your products to be found in Google search before we look out how we then refine this initial list and ultimately amend your website to enable that in future posts.

The first stage in the process is to brainstorm some words and phrases that you think might be good for people to find you. This is a VERY IMPORTANT first process. Do not underestimate the amount of time you should put into this because as we move further through the process later we will discard many of the words and phrases you come up with now (and probably add more new ones) because they are not popular enough or are too popular and competitive for your level. We need to identify the best words and phrases to gain the most website visitors.

I suggest that you consider adding your words and phrases to a spreadsheet (or a table in a document if you prefer). That way as you think of more during the process over the next few posts it is easy to insert lines to group similar words and phrases together. A spreadsheet will also then let you put extra information beside each keyword and phrase that we will research later that will help us to identify which words and phrases we want to optimise in the website and where. Don't worry about that just brainstorm some ideas for now to get started. Write down your own, discuss with a partner, colleague etc and maybe ask some of your customers too.

Think about the different types of searches

keyword phrase brainstorming art marketing seo

Searching for you

keyword phrase brainstorming art marketing search engine optimisation

Searching for the type of work that you do

 art marketing seo keyword phrase brainstorming

Searching within your locality

 art marketing search engine optimisation keywork phrases brainstorming

Search for descriptive words that might summarise your work

Searching for ranges of product that you create

 art marketing seo keywork phrases brainstorming

Searching for very specific product items that you have in your range

 art marketing search engine optimisation phrases keywork brainstorming

Search for workshops that you might be running

You will have done searches yourself on Google so you know how to find things yourself. Key in a single word and it is very unlikely you find what you are looking for in amongst millions of search results so you add another word to your search to narrow it down but there are still too many results or the products you want are not the right size, colour, country and so on so you add another 1 or 2 words to narrow it further until you eventual find relevant content and you maybe look at a handful of websites on page 1 of the results and occasionally go to page 2 or page 3 but often not much further? That is where we want to make you visible here - ideally page 1 but if not then within the first 3 if possible.

Use Google yourself while you are doing this brainstorming process. Use Google's autosuggest feature. As you add a word to the search you will have seen it automatically add further words for you. This is called 'long tailing'. Google will suggest the most popular words that users have typed in previous searches after your word so it will give you further ideas. 

In the example above you can see that if you key in 'modern art' Google suggests other popular terms that you might want to consider such as 'modern artists', 'modern art prints', 'modern artwork', 'modern art styles' etc. Write them down for now if you think they are appropriate to you and your work

Spend a couple of hours on this looking at you and your ranges but if you have hundreds of products don't get too concerned about doing them all at this stage, maybe concentrate on your 10 best sellers first and come back to the rest later in the process when you have a better idea how it all works. Addressing the 10 best sellers first should also help to make sure you can make a bigger difference quicker.

Have you done this? How long is your list and what is in it?

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