March Meet The Maker Day 18 - Technique / Skills

When people purchase your products they often have no idea of the techniques that have been used to create the product or the skill level that is involved in producing them. It is important that you devote a significant amount of your marketing effort to educating your customers about how you create something.

technique skills marketing your art craft or photography online

At a show or exhibition this is easy, you can talk to a customer and quickly detect if they are interested and then give them detailed explanations, perhaps pull out some WIP, demonstrate techniques in front of them and answer all the questions they might have and you have probably done that many times. As you take this time to explain to customers what is involved they get to understand the level of skill that is involved and instantly your product increases in value in their eyes and it also now comes with a story and more information.

It is essential when selling online that you provide this same experience for customers. You should create some webpages to explain each of your processes and techniques. Don't clutter your product pages with this information but instead provide links to pages that go into detail for the people that want to look at that information. Provide lots of photos and ideally some video then reuse all of the material in your social media, blog and newsletter too. The process will add value to your products, it will increase customer trust in you and it will be another way into your website and another way for customers to find you. It will be a very worthwhile investment of your time if you are not doing it already.

skills techniques marketing art craft photography online

I think it is safe to say that throughout my social media and website blog I show many of the techniques and skills that I would employ in supporting a customer's website and online marketing. How does it make you feel when you read it? Does it give you confidence in what I do? Does it help you understand that there is a lot more below the surface and that it is not just a case of knocking up a quick website in a couple of days and walking away - the website is just one small part of an online marketing structure that requires carefully crafting over a period of time with great attention to detail to really make it work well for you. The are good ways (which work) and bad ways (which don't) to craft your website, there is a lot more to include on it other than just products. A lot more detail about your products need to be added than if you were showing them offline. Then there is driving customers to it through SEO, social media, blogs, giveaways, mailing lists, offline events, galleries and so much more. Then how do you measure? What metrics do you look at? How do you decide where to put your efforts?

Show your customers what you do and how you do things. They will love it, it will add value to your products, help create trust and help build a loyal customer base.

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