March Meet The Maker Day 17 - Proud Of

Proud isn't a word that settles well with me. It feels like it has negative or vein connotations perhaps? Lucy Gell would say its all tied into my 'Catholic guilt' from my 'Catholic upbringing'. She does like to tease! I like to think of myself as rather more modest not blowing my own trumpet. Such a difficult thing though in the world of social media where you are expected to talk about yourself to gain that all important customer trust.

So I would perhaps take a different take on this and say what elements of me and my life do I feel positive about? In my work life I feel positive about my ability to work, my energy, my motivation, discipline, resilience. I have been self employed for nearly 30 years now. In that time I have always been able to find work and worked hard. I feel positive about so many of the reviews and testimonials I have received from customers over those years. I feel particularly positive about software I developed over many years for a great organisation called Spice and then shared with many other organisations (if you haven't heard of Spice you really should check them out!). That software was at the heart of Spice for over 20 years. The organisation has touched so many peoples lives so positively over that time and created so many wonderful experiences for people and it was great to have some input into that. I hope I can affect other people's lives as positively in the future with what I am doing now. 

In my personal life I have to mention my children who are growing up far too quickly. It hasn't been easy for them in recent years with separated parents but I love them to bits and know they will do great things in the future. Then last but certainly not least my partner Lucy who puts out so much joy into the world every day.  

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