March Meet The Maker Day 13 - USP

I have a number of unique selling points but the one that gets highlighted time and time again is how I help to 'keep things simple'. This was a key aim when I registered my business as 'Instinctive Systems' back in 1991 and it is as relevant today as it was then. I don't want to confuse people with technical language and complex technology. I want to help people to make use of modern technology to help their businesses grow and explain things in simple terms so that they are easy to understand. I want things to make sense to people so that they understand why things should be done in a certain way using software that helps them to achieve their goals in a way that makes total sense to them and doesn't overwhelm or confuse them.

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I think a second USP is that I am doing all of this on the back of working so closely with my printmaker partner Lucy Gell. I am not simply an IT professional on the outside advising businesses in an industry totally foreign to me, I am completely immersed in that industry with Lucy and completely relate to the Indie businesses I work with as Lucy and myself are both Indie businesses ourselves!

Would anyone agree with my USPs?

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