March Meet The Maker Day 12 - Learning Curve

Learning curve. Now theres a thing! Somebody once said when you stop learning you die! I think that is so true and especially relevant around anything to do with technology. I did a degree in Applied Computing in my early 20's while I was working full time. Being in the workplace already it was clear to me that what I was learning was becoming obsolete while I was learning it as technology was moving so fast and there was so much technology just around the corner that my course went nowhere near. The pace since then hasn't slowed down it has sped up if anything. There is so much to learn and so many new things happening as technology connects with everything we do.

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The good news, however, is that so much has become easier too. When I did my degree you had to buy books, visit libraries, travel to meet people, spend hours trying to locate information. This week I struggled to know how to get the headlamp out of my car to change a bulb so I googled it in the rain with my head under the bonnet and behold a nice gentleman on Youtube demonstrated it very simply and clearly on my smartphone using the precise model of car so that I could do it myself in minutes.

Today it is so easy to find out everything you need to know and most of it can be done using that small device we all carry around in our pockets! The hardest thing now is not finding the answers to your questions but knowing the right questions to ask! One of my goals in what I do is to anticipate what questions artists, makers and photographers might like to ask to help move their businesses forward in the digital world that we now live in and help answer those questions for them continually researching and learning as I do that.

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