March Meet The Maker Day 11 - Range

Its hard to talk about this subject here as I don't have a large range of products like most artists and makers I have a handful of products such as website design, SEO support, social media advice, mailing list support. If people look at my services they don't get overwhelmed by large numbers and get lost looking at things that they are not looking for and give up before finding the things they are so I am going to talk about what I advise customers about ranges, those people that have hundreds of products!

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I like to advise customers to create several ranges of products. This helps their customers to focus on products that they are interested in and quickly steers them away from products that they are not. If you simply list a random selection of products on a website or your exhibition stand people might look through a few of those products, not see something they like and then go elsewhere. If, however, you create a range such as 'mountain art', 'cityscape art', 'northern life art' etc as Clare Allan has above then not only are you creating good landing pages on your website or a focused wall on your exhibition stand, because you are grouping related product together you are keeping your customers focused and interested having quickly discarded things they are not interested in and focused their attention on things they are.

Having several ranges is then a great way to show the diversity of your work and you can pitch different ranges at different customer types in different ways. When thinking about designing new product you should always think about a range of product. You might not be able to create it all at once but by creating the idea for your range first it gives you something to work towards and you should find a lot more interest from galleries and stockists when you have a range to offer them rather than individual products.

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You can also think creatively about how you present your ranges. As a jeweller such as Charlotte Whitmore, for example, you might have ranges for functionality such as rings, earrings, necklaces, brooch pins etc. But you might have other ranges for theme such as 'flower heads', 'grasses', 'circles and discs' and other design concepts which encompasses jewellery from all your functionality ranges that might share a flower head, grass or circle and disc as part of the design. Other designers might have an autumn range or spring range where colour links the products rather than functionality and so on. Think styles (modern, abstract, vintage etc), think functionality (greeting card, original, print), think location (local town, area, county, country), think material (gold, silver, paper, canvas), price range (budget, mid range, high end), medium (oil, pen, charcoal, etching, collograph) etc.

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When presenting your ranges electronically on a website it is much easier to create lots of ranges and group products together in lots of ways with each having a landing page that is finely targeted with your SEO to catch people that have expressed interest in that specific area.

As I write this I am also thinking about my blog at the moment. I have about 120 pages in my blog already and it is growing by the day. If somebody jumps in and just starts reading through it they might quickly get overwhelmed as they jump from one topic to another and they might lose interest after reading a few articles on something they have no interest in but by grouping my posts together into ranges such as SEO, Websites, Mailing Lists, Business, Shows & Exhibitions, Holiday Season, Social Media, Instagram and so on this really helps to focus people's interest. It also helps me to manage my content so that I cover each area well without focusing too much on any one area at the expense of others and helps me draw people in that are interested in a particular subject matter much easier.

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