March Meet The Maker Day 10 - Authentic Space

You won't find any expensive offices here in a prime location close to local services and infrastructure with lots of staff to support, no, just me on my lonesome more often than not sat at the kitchen table! We have a lovely studio now at the bottom of the garden but the truth is the dogs aren't allowed in there as dog hair gets everywhere when there is artwork around so this is where I spend most of my time with the dogs (you can just see Doly looking up the rest will be around my feet somewhere) and Lucy gets free reign in the studio.

art marketing workspace

Working from home as an indie business might have many disadvantages particularly when all the kids pile in after school and the dogs go ballistic while you are on the phone to a new client but the advantages far outweigh this both for me and my clients. Working from home so much throughout my working life has meant that I have been able to be around so much more for the family which I love and for my clients because my overheads are so much smaller it means that I can charge much more competitively and clients money goes so much further. There are days, however, when I would love a quiet office somewhere where I could lock myself away for a few hours! When your only tools are a laptop though it is easy to relocate to a quieter room!  

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