March Meet The Maker Day 8 - Love To Make

I need to think outside the box again a little here as I don't make a physical product when I help artists, photographers and makers with their online marketing (unlike the lovely 'No Way Jose' cat etching by my partner Lucy Gell). The more I thought about it though I quickly realised what it is that I love to make and have done since starting my business in 1991. I love to make businesses grow, become more efficient and particularly to make small businesses find it easier to compete on a level playing field with bigger businesses who have more people, more money and more resources, that's what I really love to make!

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Making that isn't easy though. It took a long time to develop my software in my early working life to the point where it was so sophisticated that I could take it into a business or organisation and see fast results and every organisation was slightly different and needed tweaks here and there to suit that organisation and that would take time. Their success also depended not just on the software I provided but also how they used it - whether they embraced it and ran with it integrating it with everything that they do or whether as occasionally happened they used it reluctantly, resistant to change and worried about job security rather than securing their jobs by bringing in more business using the software.

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Working with artists, photographers and makers now it isn't a quick fix either. You will hear everywhere that it is a marathon not a sprint. I can only help so much by providing a website, starting a mailing list, advising on social media strategies and so on but then it is down to the individual to want to pick everything up and run with it. To post every day, to invest in good photography and good copy, to create mockup images, to run sales and promotions, monthly newsletters and so much more. Some are lucky and have a unique product that is in the right place at the right time and catches a whirlwind of publicity but for many it is a slow period of growth involving a lot of work without giving up at the first hurdle in order to be successful! I love to make things that are part of that process

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