March Meet The Maker Day 4 - Branding

Branding is so important for any business. It helps you to creating a consistent identity especially when customers can come across you in so many places both offline and online. It was one of the first elements I discussed in my #100daysmarketingcreatives project under the heading Day 7 - Create Your Art Craft Photography Branding.

creating art photography craft business branding

I always try to identify any branding ideas customers have when I start to work with them, logos, colours, fonts, themes, messages, unique selling points and so on and then try to employ these in all areas of their online marketing as their branding will help them to stay in the minds of the customers that they meet and will make them instantly recognisable wherever they see them again in the future leading to better sales and increased customer repeat business.

creating branding art craft photography business

Branding evolves over time as your experience grows. I redeveloped my own website last week (something that frequently gets neglected as I concentrate on customer websites!). It has gone through some rebranding which I hope to improve further in coming months. One site I am particular proud of is my partner Lucy Gell's website which we started redesigning again recently.

Lucy has had very strong orange, white and greys in her branding along with stars, humour and fun for many years both offline and online. During the redesign recently we combined all these elements with some great lifestyle mockups of her work and a freshly designed logo and I think the new website makes so much more of a statement with its strong branding now wouldn't you agree?

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