March Meet The Maker Day 3 - Time

Time - where do I start? How long have you got? Have I got the time? Have you got the time? We all struggle with this one don't we? 'There isn't time to do this', 'there isn't time to do that', 'I have left it too late now', this isn't the right time'? I hear these all the time from others as well as that nagging voice in my own head. It's a tough one. Sometimes we can feel that time is just against us but is it or is it our own way of avoiding things, making excuses, poor time management and so on.

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We are all the same, we don't enjoy stepping out of our comfort zones but as you get older you get wiser too. You realise that there isn't time to do everything, there never was but there is time to do what you really want to do you just need to prioritise things better so that you enable yourself to achieve those things. Focus on your main goals, write down the steps to achieve those then set a reasonable timescale and plan to action those making sure that you monitor and stay on track. Avoid being side tracked by those less important things.


Identify the time consuming things in your life that don't help you achieve your goals and constantly move them to make way for those that do rather than use them as an excuse not to do something. There is always time to achieve your goals if you focus your time well. Well that's the theory anyway - putting it into practice is another story. I wrote a blog post titled 'There Isn't Time - Or Is There?' in January that might provide some interesting reading!

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