102 - I Need A Project Hashtag - Can You Help?

Day 102 - I Need A Project Hashtag - Can you help me create one?

Before I continue with my project I need your help. I need a hashtag for my new project. Ideally this will be a new hashtag that hasn't been used yet. Previously I was operating under the #the100dayproject hashtag while I was doing the project as well as my own hashtag that I created for the project #100daysmarketingcreatives. Most people use hashtags that are popular in order to pull in people who are watching that hashtag. Another good strategy to employ, though, is to create your own hashtag. Something unique about what you do, make or sell for example. Something that describes it well and that people might ultimately use as keywords in social media. Whilst traffic to that hashtag in the early stages might be low and only from your own followers, in the longer term if others start to use the hashtag more and people begin to find the hashtag through searches it can bring lots of traffic to a hashtag that is densely populated with your posts which can mean great exposure.


So how about it? You have been following what I do. How would you describe it and is there a hashtag available that hasn't been used yet? Can you help? Some initial thoughts were #marketingmadeeasy, #marketingmadesimple, #simplemarketing, #onlineartmarketing. Although relevant, however, these are not new so not suitable as the main hashtag for a new project. #simpleartmarketing, #easyartmarketing, #artmarketingmadeeasy, #artmarketingmadesimple are all contenders but does this cover everything including craft and photography or is including all 3 disciplines too ambitious for a short descriptive hashtag? I would love to hear your thoughts. Then remember these and many more topics will be getting written about in there once I have a hashtag name so help me find one quickly?

  • using Google Console to submit websites to search engines
  • the importance of sitemaps
  • how to do SEO well
  • how to do keyword research
  • what are click through rates and how to improve them
  • how to reduce bounce rates (people leaving your site)
  • examining Google Analytics
  • scheduling social media posts
  • dealing with trade
  • optimising Etsy
  • paid advertising
  • podcasts
  • sales and promotions
  • collaborations
  • utilising stories
  • social media highlights
  • and much much more

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